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If you do an internet search for information about some of the most pressing health, fitness and wellbeing issues, likely as not you'll get the same old same old; 'Go to your doctor, get a prescription and things will be OK.'


Whilst this might be the right course of action for some complaints, when it comes to the personally-generated metabolic, musculo-skeletal and (non) clinical psychological dysfunctions it's probably not.


If a body system dysfunction has been personally-generated the best way to relieve yourself of it is to personally 'ungenerate' it. That means improving your aerobic fitness, your strength and flexibility, eating wisely and doing some sort of meditation.


Generally speaking - and providing the problem hasn't progressed too far - fixing it is not something you can sub-contract out to someone else.


Having said that you can probably guess the line we take in our fact sheets.




l Hourglass Diet

l Benefits of Physical Activity

l Complete Fitness Workout

l Joint and Muscle Pain

l Adult Onset Diabetes

l High Blood Pressure

l Elevated Blood Cholesterol

l Depression

l Meditation

l High Fibre Supplement



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